Hydration Duo - 150g Jar



Designed for ritual & hydration, our DAILY LEMON & our MARINE COCONUT are your take anywhere daily wellness essentials. Our best-selling Jars can now be purchased as a duo for maximum benefit, and high hydration. 

Daily Lemon (Ritual):

An inner wellness blend designed to support your digestion and hydration, ourDAILY LEMON (RITUAL) is the take anywhere daily ritual essential. We've combined lemon juice powder & organic diatomaceous earth powder to create a pale yellow free flowing blend that dissolves in hot or cold water and tastes like a zesty and refreshing hit of freshly squeezed lemons. Think, it's your morning lemon water ritual for wherever you LAND. 

Marine Coconut (Hydration):

An inner wellness blend containing electrolytes from natural sources, MARINE COCONUT (Hydration) supports hydration on a cellular level. This white free flowing powder is made from a nutrient dense mix of Organic Coconut Water Powder, Marine Minerals, and Himalayan Salt. This powder provides energy restoration and mineral balance, for travel well done. Sip post-exercise, post-sauna, in hot climates, when your body needs extra hydration, or when you're hungover (because balance). The powder tastes like your coconut water, with a pinch of salt. 

Sip Daily.

Vegan & Gluten Free


May Support:

- Immune function
- Digestive function
- Healthy ageing
- Anti-inflammatory 
- Skin and nail health 
- Joint and bone health
- Gut health
- Collagen production support
- Mineral Restoration
- Hydration



Lemon Juice Powder (Lemon Juice, Tapioca Maltodextrin), Organic Diatomaceous Earth Powder, Silicon Dioxide


Organic Coconut Water Powder, Himalayan Pink Salt, Magnesium Citrate, Natural Marine Minerals (Calcium, Magnesium), Potassium Chloride.

Serving Suggestion


- Stirred through hot water & topped with cold water for a refreshing warm digestive elixir.
- Stirred through cold water for a natural lemonade like sip.
- Combined with Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, or our Sea Hydrate for an immunity boosting mix.


We recommend a heaped teaspoon, stirred through a glass of cold water, sparkling water or in your daily smoothie. 

Create a refreshing drink by combining both powders into cold water.

While we recommend consultation with your local healthcare practitioner for tailored advice, all of our products are safe for use throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.