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How to get the best out of your wellness blends, explore how we suggest to enjoy yours.

Why hydrate?

Ensuring you are properly hydrated on a daily basis means that your body can function at its optimum levels. Prioritising your water intake assists in carrying nutrients to cells, gets rid of wastes from the body, maintains healthy joints & organs, and elevate your physical & mental performance.

  • Morning: Stir half a teaspoon through boiling water, top with cold water, and sip like tea upon waking.
  • Noon: Stir half a teaspoon through room temp or cold water, or add to your drink bottle, for a zesty all-day sip.
  • Night: Stir half a teaspoon through hot water with a splash of apple cider vinegar, for a pre-bed time digestive elixir.
  • Other: Combine with the MARINE COCONUT (Hydration) formula in sparkling or cold water for an electrolyte rich summery sip.
    Stir into sparkling water with your favourite gin, for a zesty take on a G&T (because balance).
  • Morning: Offset the dehydrating affects of coffee with this formula stirred through cold water following your morning sip.
  • Noon: Add to your drink bottle, sipping prior to and during your daily movement.
  • Night: Sleep better, stir this formula through cold or room temp water prior to bed. Or enjoy before, during, and after a night of drinking alcohol to help prevent a hangover.
  • Other: Combine with the DAILY LEMON (Ritual) blend in cold or sparkling water for a summery electrolyte rich, sugar-free, lemonade.