What your saying
"Taking the Marine Coconut (Hydration) powder has noticeably improved my stubborn muscle cramps. I've removed all other supplements from my routine, and I'm just using this."
— Marine Coconut (Hydration) Powder
"Obsessed! This face lotion is the best thing I have ever put on my face. Started using it years ago and it's helped clear my skin, it's also incredible on sunburn and eczema. Makes my skin feel so hydrated and love knowing that I'm not putting any harsh chemicals onto my face"
— Yay For Earth, Sensitive Skin Face Lotion
"I love this product! I can’t get enough of the Marine Coconut (Hydration) powder. Starting the day with this product gives me the hydration needed to maintain my energy levels and a clear head. It’s the right balance of coconut, with a hint of salt."
— Marine Coconut (Hydration) Powder


Electrolytes can help to regulate muscle contraction, blood pressure, hormone secretion, nerve function and the movements of fluids. Having the right amount of electrolytes in the body is essential for optimal health and physical performance.