LAND is proud to partner with Carbon Positive Australia, contributing to the regeneration of Australian land ~ while having an impact on the future as we aim for a carbon positive future. 

Who is Carbon Positive Australia? 

Carbon Positive Australia is a WA-based not-for-profit organisation with DGR status. Since 2001, CPA have raised money to plant trees and vegetation on degraded land, restoring the native habitats of Australia. To date, they have planted almost six-million trees and restored over 4757 hectares. 

All the native trees and flora that CPA plant are carefully selected and are indigenous to the land that they are planting on. Indigenous planting restores that natural biodiverse habitat, allowing the native fauna to thrive once more. 

The trees that CPA plant are protected and capture carbon for years, allowing CPA to generate reforestation carbon offsets. CPA have captured over 632,681 tonnes of carbon. 

How do LAND contribute to this? 

Carbon Positive Australia will plant at least 625 trees over a 365 day period on behalf of LAND. Every time you purchase from LAND you are helping us plant these trees. 

LAND are committed to increasing the number of trees planted on our behalf as our business grows. LAND is committed to prioritising the future of our environment. 

Carbon Positive Australia have a goal to educate the community, encourage others to know their carbon footprint, collaborate with other organisations and restore precious land. LAND will work alongside CPA, aiming for these goals. 

Find out more about Carbon Positive Australia here.