Whether you are travelling for a vacation or business, the excitement of landing in a new destination can sometimes be overcome with that post-flight exhausted feeling. Hours in airports, and then in the air, our hydration can take a real hit when on-route. The air conditioning, low humidity, and the low oxygen levels on flights can cause dehydration faster than while on the ground. Dehydration can present as fatigue, dizziness, headaches, lack lustre skin or a poor/lowly mood ~ here are a few ways to stay hydrated on your long haul, guaranteeing you'll arrive ready to take on your holiday (or work) plans. 

1. Fill up a reusable water bottle: 

While most airports require your water bottle to be empty while walking through security, you will find filtered water taps on the other side. Fill yours up prior to boarding the flight so you're ready to sip as soon as you take your seat. If you bottle runs out during the flight, as the flight attendant to refill it for you. Take along the DAILY LEMON (Ritual) powder and add it to your water bottle to make each sip a little tastier.

2. Avoid caffeine: 

We are the first to enjoy a coffee on a flight! Caffeine dehydrates the body and the skin, so minimising your intake mid-air is a great way to ensure you maintain hydration during the flight. If you must have yours (you're only human) follow it up with some of the Marine Coconut (Hydration) electrolyte blend to replenish lost minerals. 

3. Avoid alcohol: 

The excitement of an overseas holiday always calls for a glass of champagne. Like caffeine, alcohol can dehydrate our skin and body. If you insist on having a glass or two, follow each up with a glass of electrolyte rich water. 

4. Pack electrolytes: 

On that note! Be sure to pack electrolytes to ensure the essentials minerals lost during travel are easily replaced. Our Marine Coconut (Hydration) blend was created with your travel plans in mind. 

5. Eat your hydration: 

Because plane food is a little bland, we're big advocates for packing some fresh food for your flight to support hydration from within. Think fruit, think crunchy vegetables, or even grab a yummy salad at the airport. 

6. Moisturise: 

Dry cabin air is not friendly for our skin. Pack a rich moisturiser in your carry on & apply it on take off and prior to landing. We love the Yay For Earth Sensitive Skin Face Lotion for this, and you can also use it as a hand cream, cuticle cream, and for the entire family. Even starting the journey with a hydrating face mask is a beautiful way to ensure you land with a little pre-holiday glow. 

7. Have a lemon water:

Instead of your morning tea or coffee to adjust to the timezone, have a warm lemon water. Not only will it support hydration, but it will also help with healthy digestive and your immune system support on arrival. Take our Daily Lemon (Ritual) blend, and ask the flight attendant for some hot water to stir it through.