Julia Fischer is the talented photographer behind our opening LAND brand campaign, having followed Julia on Instagram for some time we were thrilled to partner with her to capture the global essence of LAND. As a brand built off the principle of travel, and the contradictory feeling of being grounded through escapism, we wanted Julia to capture the seaside of Spain - a place that sits close to our hearts and continues to inspire us. Here, we ask Julia about her morning routine. Join us in ritual...

Introduce yourself, what do you do & where do you live? 

My name is Julia, I am from Germany and work as a content creator and photographer for sustainable brands. Therefore I tend to live in between Germany and the beautiful island of Mallorca. A place that inspires me so much in my work.

What is your everyday morning ritual? 

I like to wake up early when everything is still quiet outside and go for a walk to be surrounded by nature and organise myself mentally for the day’s tasks. Otherwise I practice yoga and start the day flowing and stretching. A cup of herbal infused water at ambient temperature usually helps to start the day right. 

How do you maintain your rituals when travelling? 

When travelling I always like to take my travel yoga mat and one of my favourite essential oils (I really like Bergamot or other citric flavours).

This usually makes me feel comfortable wherever I am.

Three ritual essentials that you use? 

A Yoga mat, an essential oil and ultimately my knitting needles to never not be creating.