Wellness Rituals: Five reasons to include Lemon Water in your daily routine

Our health is rooted in the habits of our daily routine. Think, it's all the little things that make up the person ~ mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually. We're advocates for rituals & a daily lemon water (upon waking, or any time of the day) is one way to invite small, conscious & considered improvements to our overall wellness. Here is why we love it, and while we are firm believers in the science - we've kept things simple:

Vitamin C; lemons contain it & this incredible vitamin may assist with immune function & helping your body absorb iron from foods. 

02. Flavonoids; found in citrus & may help in reducing inflammation in the body. A great recovery sip post exercise. 

03. Antioxidants; powerful, they help protect the cells in our body from damage and hence may help with disease prevention and maintaining long term overall health. 

04. Digestive health; Drinking water alone goes a long way in maintaining digestive function, just add lemon for a little extra fun. 

05. Mental health & clarity; take a moment, be mindful & enjoy the flavour. It just feels nice, right? 

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