Having recently connected with Brittani through the wonderful world of social media, we instantly found common ground. For us it was her approach to health & her willingness to empower those around her. A clinical nutritionist by trade, but so much more than that ~ we talk to Brittani about her morning rituals, ditching diet culture &, of course, lemons. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself, why did you become a nutritionist? 

I'm a clinical nutritionist, writer, and astrology obsessed gemini who’s passionate about all things health. My main clientele are women as I work closely with hormonal health conditions, weight loss and body composition from an anti-diet, anti-deprivation, anti-restriction and full self love approach. I wanted to become a nutritionist after a decade long battle with an eating disorder, finding freedom from food based fear was the most liberating and empowering thing I’ve done for myself, and I want to help everyone I possibly can to do the same. 

Talk us through your approach to health and wellness? What is a key principle you stand by? 

My key principle to health is keeping things really basic. ‘Health’ gets complicated real quick when we sift through the media channels promoting a hundred different products, protocols and approaches. I like to simplify all that I do in life, strip it back and focus on the basics, and I apply this to my approach to health and wellness too. 

Let’s talk lemons, what do you love about them? 

Okay, lemons. I LOVE. You know one time I had decided to keep my leftovers from lunch in a container in the same bag as a brand new white linen shirt I had bought, I had turmeric in my lunch that day, and it decided to leak. I tried so many things to remove the stain, had mum on the phone to me and my cry for help “nothing gets turmeric out” was her response. I knew lemons worked as bleach in a sense, so I applied fresh squeezed lemon and some drops of lemon essential oil into the top, left it in the sun, washed it and the STAIN WAS GONE! Mind blown. So I mean, thats a big reason why I love lemons. But also, you can quite literally add lemon to almost any dish to really freshen it up. I personally love it squeezed over pancakes with butter and salt. Plus lemon does wonders for liver, kidneys and digestion. 

What is a morning ritual that you can not live without? 

Every morning without fail I write (typical gemini). I don't usually subscribe to a routine, as I get bored easily, but this is how I will set myself up for every day to maintain some sense of regularity. I wake up at 4am, brew a coffee, Ill write for however long I need, and usually pull a few tarot cards before anything else happens. I love it, its my non-negotiable. 

Tell us, what are your plans for 2022? 

Okay so 2022 will be a big one, theres a few things in the works that I cannot disclose just yet, but it's exciting and something I've not done before. Im also beginning to integrate astrology readings into my practice as an additional offering and am writing a book at the moment all about ditching diet culture. 

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