As we look forward to a hot summer here in Australia, we find ourselves reaching for the beach bag more often than not. With the ocean calling, the mangoes ripe & a big bottle of ice-cold water at the ready ~ we chat with our Founder, Jaimi-Lee Fitzgerald, on her favourite beachside memories, what we'll find in her beach bag & what essentials you'll find in her suitcase for her next tropical holiday. 

Tell us, where do you live & where is your favourite beach? 

I'm lucky to live in Port Stephens, NSW. It's a little seaside heaven about 45 mins north of Newcastle. We are incredibly spoilt for beaches here, and it would be impossible to pick a favourite. If my partner is seeking a surf we'll head for a surf beach, if it's a snorkel we'll seek the calmest conditions and best visibility and if it's strictly chill ~ we just chase the protected coves. For an everyday/morning swim option, Shoal Bay is a winner. 

What will we find in your beach bag? 

I like to cover all bases for a day at the beach. You'll find in my bag a bikini, a sarong, a shirt, book, my snorkel, a hat, sunscreen, drink bottle with ice-cold water & a jar of our Organic Lemon Juice Powder. 

How do you use the Organic Lemon Juice Powder at the beach? 

I take a lightweight camping mug with me, add in a small amount of the lemon juice powder (using a lightweight wooden teaspoon that's often with me!) and pour in the cold water from my Yeti (a must have for keeping your water ice-cold for hours!). Give it a little stir and sip. It's incredibly refreshing after a swim/surf/snorkel and when being out in the sun for hours. 

You're going on a beach holiday, what are three things essential to your suitcase? 

Assuming that a bikini, a hat and sunscreen are a part of the deal ~ it would be: 

- LAND Organic Lemon Juice Powder, of course, but seriously ~ it'll be necessary to help with the likely hangovers that come with a fun beachside holiday (maximum hydration my favourite thing on holiday). 

-  A lightweight sarong that can double as a top. 

- My favourite Suicoke x Matches Fashions sandals, for those beach to bar days that will absolutely happen. 

Describe your favourite beach moment? 

An impossible ask! Two come to mind: 

- I travelled for Cuba for work about 7 years ago, working as a shoot producer. We'd taken a mini bus 6 hours outside of Old Havana to a small diving town for our shoot. Arriving near to midnight, the hotel kindly inform us that water is only available between 7-8am in the morning. Desperate for a shower (hello Caribbean humidity) one of my work colleagues (and now dear friend) and myself took a dip in the ocean under the moon light. The water was warmer than the night air but it'll go down in history as one of the most special moments of my travels. 

- My partner and I spent a new years period camping on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. a few years ago. We'd spent this one particular day tasting beers, cider and wine throughout the countryside before perching on the beach to sip & eat all afternoon. We swam, we laughed and we wondered back and forth from our seaside campsite. Truly etched in my memory as one of my most loved days. 

What are you looking forward to most in 2022? 

Seeing LAND evolve over the next year will be really exciting for me. LAND has been merely an idea for so long & to see it out in the world, with individuals enjoying it, is truly mind-blowing. I have a new product to release early in the year and then new product categories coming closer to Spring. Besides that, just enjoying life and prioritising health and happiness. 

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