We sat down with Erin Hall, the Longevity Nutritionist, over a Limoncello to chat health, rituals &, of course, lemons. For the occasion Erin developed her own refreshing summer sip, using our Organic Lemon Juice Powder. Pour yourself a cocktail, pull up a deck chair & let's chat about Erin's preventative-focused approach to health & wellness. 

Limoncello Mojito
(serves one)

2 limes juiced
30ml white rum
30ml limoncello
1 tsp LAND Essentials lemon powder
Handful of ice
1 cup sparkling water
Mint leaves and sliced lemon to garnish


Combine lime juice, alcohol, lemon powder and ice in a high speed blender.
Pour cocktail over ice, topping up with sparkling water.
Add mint and lemon to garnish.

We’d love to know more about you & what you do? 

Hi! I’m Erin and I am a clinical nutritionist from Palm Beach, Gold Coast. I moved over to Queensland from Perth after completing my Bachelor of Health Science degree at Endeavour College of Natural Health and haven’t looked back since! My aim as a nutritionist is to give people the tools and knowledge to create the healthiest version of themselves. My approach to health is holistic and preventative-focused, helping people to use food as medicine and support their journey towards longevity health.

What made you want to pursue nutrition? What do you specialise in and why? 

I always had an interest in nutrition and grew up in a very healthy household. My mum always spoke about new recipe ideas, diets and ways of optimising health so I can definitely thank her for sparking my interest. I have always wanted to help people feel good about themselves and give them the knowledge and tools in order to do so. I focus on people's longevity health, meaning no quick fixes or shortcuts. I feel it's so important to implement healthy eating and lifestyle habits from an early age to prevent future chronic illness and disease. I predominantly focus on women’s health covering areas such as weight management, hormonal imbalances, gut complaints, nervous system support and skin concerns. 

Tell us, what are your key wellness rituals? 

I think the most important wellness ritual anyone can have is to do something you love every day. I feel my best when I wake up and do whatever that is first thing in the morning (usually some form of movement). Everyday is different whether it's a pilates class, ocean swim or beach walk - it always sets me up for a good day! Another ritual I love is going to the farmers markets every week and stocking up on fresh local produce, followed by visiting the organic butcher and seafood market.  

Lastly, prioritising enough sleep every night and working with your body’s natural circadian rhythm is so important for regulating mood, appetite, stress, immune function and so much more!

Let’s talk lemons, what makes them a health hero? 

Lemons contain a compound called Limonoids, which is found predominantly in the lemon seed and peel. Studies have demonstrated this to have anti-cancer effects and to help lower blood cholesterol. They are also great sources of vitamin C, potassium and folate. Phytonutrients including carotenoids give the lemon its yellow colour and help to fight free-radicals and repair DNA. Flavonols give them their citrus flavour and help to improve insulin sensitivity, lipid metabolism and inflammatory markers. Overall lemons are great for heart and cardiovascular health, which is especially needed during these times!

How do you use your LAND Lemon Juice Powder? 

It’s so humid on the Gold Coast right now, so I’ve been loving it on ice! Also my gut powder supplement is lemon & lime flavoured so the pair go perfectly together.

Your travelling, what are the 5 key things we’ll find in your suitcase? 

When I’m travelling, it’s almost always to a tropical location. I would definitely bring bikinis, sunscreen and my film camera. Also whatever supplements or powders I am currently taking and a good book to read on the beach. 

Any key plans for 2022? 

My key plans this year is to continue growing my business. There are so many different avenues a nutritionist can take now which is really exciting, I can’t wait to see where recipe development takes me. I would also love to travel and see more of Australia (hopefully visit my family in WA), so combining the two in some way this year would be amazing. 

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