We explore the notion of movement, and how the benefits of adding daily ritualistic moments of movement stretch beyond those related to your appearance. Our Founder and qualified Mat & Reformer Pilates Instructor, Jaimi-Lee, unpacks the five reasons to add daily movement to your routine ~ as backed by science. 

1. A balanced mood & reduced stress / Moving daily, whether that be pilates, yoga, walking or weight training, allows a ritualistic moment away from the day. The science talks here, with exercise proving a key way to set our bodies up to better handle stressors. Exercise itself is a stressor - requiring effort, and forcing our bodies to make adaptive changes to the demands placed on it. Measured over time, the body is toughened up by exercise and hence when it's put under stress there is less of a physiological and psychological reaction to said stress.

"Over the past 12 years, I've held a range of stressful, high-level, and public facing marketing roles that started a spiral of deep anxiety and uncontrollable stress reactions. Over the past 12 months, I've made a real effort of move daily varying the intensities of the movement based on what my body needs at the time. I've noticed incredible improvements to anxiety levels & my ability to handle stress. Take a breath, move & make it a routine." 

2. Improvements to period pain / The science is in-conclusive on this one, due to minimal studies being drawn on to support that increased exercise offers support and improvement to period pain. One study talks to the fact that exercise is effective in reducing period pain, however concludes that the sample size was too small to actively come to a clear conclusion. Exercise is recommended for women throughout their life and for many reasons, including improved mood, lowered risk of cardiovascular diseases and reduced PMS. 

"While the science isn't conclusive on this one, from personal experience as someone who has experienced extremely painful periods - over the past 4-5 months, I've seen a dramatic reduction in pain and tiredness associated with my cycle." 

3. Levelled-up productivity and focus / Widely known, daily movement is so important in training our brains long-term to maintain productivity and focus. Through exercise we are increasing the availability of brain chemicals that promote new brain connections, think of it as fuel for the building blocks in our brain. 

"There are many strategies that I have implemented to level-up on productivity and focus throughout my work day. A key is daily pilates. Pilates brings my mind to the task at hand and forces me to focus for however long the workout is - it's allowed for greater commitment to task and progress." 

4. Reduction in everyday back pain / Did you know, the ACSM (The American College of Sports Medicine) Guidelines talk to pain and what is best recommended for those experiencing it. If you are unable to identify a trauma for the pain, or a timeframe for the pain, and if you've previously had an injury that is outside the tissue healing windows - the ACSM recommended advice is to stay active. It's always recommended to consult a health professional if there is any uncertainty on the cause of the pain, however, for that everyday back pain we experience from sitting? Stay active. 

"My past desk jobs did an absolutely number on my back and hips, I would have an ongoing dull ache in my lower back consistently. After introducing daily pilates and weight-training this pain has gone and I have higher a vitality and movement freedom." 

5. Improved balance / Not something we often think we want to improve for everyday wellbeing, however the benefits of improved balance begin to become of utmost importance as we age. Studies have shown that Pilates can improve balance and reduce the risk of falls in older adults. Enjoy surfing or stand-up paddle boarding? Pilates daily is the perfect accompaniment to your ocean sports to improvement performance through balance. 

"Being able to control and stand up on a SUP is one of my driving factors to ensuring I maintain good balance, and continue to train it. I love pilates for strengthening the key stabilising muscles throughout the body that assist in keeping us balanced."

Add daily movement & a glass of our Organic Lemon Juice Powder to your ritual routine.




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 *Ensure you talk to your qualified health professional prior to undertaking any new movement.