Holidays are the perfect time for sun, salt water and our hair living permanently in one of those post-beach day top knots (more relaxed than intentional). With effortlessness at the forefront, we spoke to Sydney-based and women-lead wellness brand Aéde on four seamless ways to prioritise healthy hair whether on the road, on a plane or a weekend away. Let your next vacation be an opportunity to reset your wellness rituals, and let your hair speak volumes with these easy additions to the routine ~ compliments guaranteed...


1. Personal shampoo + conditioner minis

One of the best things you can do for your hair during your travels is maintain use of your signature shampoo and conditioner. This helps keep a sense of routine for your locks while also reducing waste by avoiding purchasing or using alternative product that may not be suitable for your hair. Pack light and simply transfer some product into a couple of travel-sized bottles for your journey. 

2. Leave-in treatment

Long flights are often associated with leaving us dehydrated and this can also extend to affecting our skin and hair. You're (hopefully) on holiday, so treat yourself and pop a leave-in hair treatment upon arrival to your destination, or before bedtime. This will help restore moisture and have your hair feeling refreshed for the days ahead. 

3. Hair oil

For a quick boost of hydration on the go and to keep hair feeling tame and nourished, we recommend use of a hair oil on your adventures. Marula Oil is particularly potent and has a triple effect of being great for hair, skin and nails which can all use a bit of extra love when we're moving from A to B.

4. Hair health supplement

What goes inside the body to maintain hair health is just as important as the topical products we use. Aéde supplements are great for growth and each target hair loss in different ways with a blend of potent, natural ingredients. Travel-size bottles make it easy to keep up this daily ritual whether you're hitting the road for business or leisure.

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