Ceramist Marloe Morgan founded her global luxury ceramic brand & design studio, MARLOE MARLOE, in 2014. Seeking to connect people and space through objects with intention, the brand is expanding globally with Marloe and her husband James at the helm. After a recent move to the beautiful Bali, Indonesia, Marloe is focussed on balancing her craft, a growing business, family, and her own rituals. We chat mornings and the routines that drive her success...

Tell us, where are you from & what does your every day look like? 

I have recently relocated to Bali, Indonesia from the Tweed Heads/ Byron bay area of Australia.  I am a mother so my days can be busy as we transition to life on the island.  My day starts with an early morning yoga stretch followed by much-needed hydration after a night of co-sleeping with my son.  

I am currently working from a home office which has been super convenient while Valla settles into his new routine. I begin work around 8:30 am and this week I am working to expand our Marloe Marloe team locally and make connections with local creative talent for put coming projects.  I am also planning and mood-boarding for our next campaign shoot alongside our creative coordinator.  I will work till around 4 pm in the afternoon and then we will head outdoors as a family.  

We live in the slow beachside area of Sanur which has a gorgeous cobbled path that runs alongside the coastline and is perfect for riding and exploring. The ocean in Sanur is sheltered by a reef break creating a lagoon that is perfect for Valla to play in.  We finish the day with dinner at our favourite casual beach restaurant and a bike ride home. 

Life is a lot more relaxed and I am loving to space that has been created. 

We want to know more about Marloe Marloe, tell us how it came to life and where is the brand now? 

Marloe Marloe began in 2014 as a creative side project that gained commercial traction quite quickly.  The business successfully focused on creating bespoke tabletop for the commercial, restaurant and hotel space for the first 5 years before our expansion to lifestyle homewares. Today Marloe Marloe is stocked with leading global retailers including Net-a-Porter, Ssence and Neiman Marcus.  We are focusing on expanding into the US market over the coming year. 

You work with your partner James, how do you manage to balance business, family life & health? 

Finding balance is not easy and we try to be as fluid as possible.  The ebb and flow of life and business does come with its challenges but James and I have years of experience that we pull on to support each other.  We also prioritise different areas of our life depending on the season of life we are experiencing.  Business does not always come first anymore. The pursuit of a work-life balance was a driving factor for our move overseas.  

Island life is slower, the culture prioritises family and takes time for community and spirituality.  All of these are important to me and remind me to take my time, ensuring I consider where I direct my energy.  We have turned the pressure down and created space to manifest a life that we want to be living.  These shifts have improved our health, business and work-life balance for the better. 

What are your non-negotiable morning rituals, as a family? 

Valla normally wakes as I finish my morning stretch and likes to copy what I am doing on the mat.  It is super cute and he starts the morning laughing and playing with me which I have found to be a positive way to begin his day.  He can be a little grumpy in the morning.  

We then have breakfast together around the dining table discussing what we have planned for the day and what exciting activities are planned for Valla.  We take our mornings slowly and prioritise family while trying not to let the hustle in.  

And as a female founder, what are the rituals that drive your success? 

When I am healthy and active I am happy.  Beginning with movement and hydration is key for a productive day.  I limit my caffeine intake and support my energy levels with healthy meals, snacks and water intake.  I am obsessed with a crisp red apple dipped in nut butter at the moment.  It is healthy but feels like a treat and helps me to regulate my energy levels. 

Alongside exercise and diet being organised allows me to feel focused and on task.  As a founder, when I am not focused I tend to feel like I lose direction and this plays out quite negatively on my mental health.  As a visual person, if I am not able to pull back and see our business from a bird's eye view and clearly see the direction we are working towards it does not set me up to lead well.  

And finally, how do you use LAND as a part of your everyday or travel? 

I love to drink my Rise Ritual Lemon powder before I eat breakfast or drink coffee.  If I miss this routine for some reason, I definitely feel the effects play out in my mood and work output. 

Drinking Sea Hydrate throughout the day helps me to drink more water.  I have never been someone that can drink a lot of water with ease and water is always the first thing to slip for me if I am not organised.  I may be consuming a little more than recommended but it helps so I am going with it haha.