With a deep connection to the ocean ~ Rachels rituals reflect the down to earth lifestyle she grew up living. Rachel has a natural ability to draw on the inspiration of the sea, and turn it into a special piece of wearable art ~ evident through her brand Baby Blue Jewellery. We spoke to Rachel about her days, how her brand came to life, and the rituals that ground her as she navigates life as a business owner living in the Byron Bay hinterland.

Tell us, where are you from and what does your everyday look like? 

I grew up in the hinterland of Byron Bay, going to Teven-Tintenbar school of only 100 kids! Every weekend we went to the beach, so I feel a deep connection to the ocean.

We want to know more about Baby Blue Jewellery. How did the brand come to life? 

I started creating jewellery at a young age. Having spent time as a child growing up on a secluded property, and a few times on the remote island of Vava’u, I learnt to fill my time and soul with creativity and let my imagination run wild. I have always had a deep fascination and connection to the magical, the mysterious, the vast oceans, nature and all things aesthetic with a story to tell. This passion and experience has carried forth and is evident in the collections to this day. Being self-taught, the designs are instinctive and innovative. I choose to take my time, producing refined collections that evolve organically with attention to detail and sustainability, timeless and not confined to seasonal trends.  

Can you share your morning rituals? And how do these ground you and keep you balanced? 

My daily rituals have definitely been refined over the years. I've come a long way from my retail days of living off coffee and almond croissants! I won't start the day without first brushing my teeth and using my copper tongue scraper followed by sipping lemon water. I’ve recently been using the delicious & convenient LAND lemon sip which has been great since local lemons are out of season here. Then I will make a celery juice, which is a cool soothing balm for my tummy. 

How do you incorporate LAND into your daily rituals? 

I have to have the yummy coconut marine powder in my water which hydrates me so well. I use it daily and especially when I'm in the sauna, doing a Byron lighthouse walk or a sweaty ballet class.

What are you most looking forward to in 2024? 

Creating! Doing anything creative makes me the happiest, and they tell us to keep doing the things that make us happy.

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