Our Nutritionist in Residence, Erin Hall of The Longevity Nutritionist, takes us along on her recent Bali holiday to explore the best wellness locations for rest, nutrition, and balance. Join Erin as we explore Bali: 

It’s no secret Bali is a hotspot for fresh and locally grown organic foods. With new health and wellness businesses popping up, it has turned into a foodie paradise! I'm going to share with you my top four favourite wellness spots around Bali.

1. Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness

The Royal Kirana certainly lives up to its name—you definitely feel like royalty the moment you walk in! Located in Ubud inside the Royal Pita Maha, the Royal Kirana offers luxurious spa treatments designed to ground, relax and soothe. Your treatments are personalised to you, focusing on specific areas where your body needs extra support.

Our highlight was visiting the Royal Private Villa, with its own private massage room, swimming pool, spa and herbal mist sauna. After your tailored massage, you are treated with a herbal tea and lunch overlooking the tropical rainforest. It truly is the perfect couples escape to unwind and immerse yourself in Ubud’s beautiful scenery.

2. The Shady Shack

The Shady Shack is a must visit for health foodies. Offering a large menu of vegan and vegetarian friendly whole foods, you’ll never be short for choice here! Situated in Canggu, this aesthetically pleasing sustainable cafe offers a delicious all-day breakfast, salad bowls, smoothies, coffee, tea, juices, vegan desserts and share plates for lunch and dinner.

This is the place to truely eat the rainbow! So if you’re a food photographer, plant-based eater or just a foodie lover, you’ll want to add The Shady Shack to your list. And what’s more, you can stroll through their beautiful boutique retail space browsing sustainable products and merchandise after your meal.

3. Alchemy

Alchemy is a sustainable and health food haven! Not only do they provide a mixture of plant based, gluten free and raw options, but they select their food suppliers based on their organic and regenerative practises. Located in both Uluwatu and Ubud, Alchemy offers an array of health foods covering everything from breakfast, salads and curries to bowls, medicinal soups, pizzas and desserts—there’s even a soft serve ice cream bar!

For digital nomads, Alchemy is the perfect cafe to perch up with your laptop, featuring charging stations, air conditioning and comfortable indoor/outdoor seating. Make sure to check out their stunning retail space, showcasing a wide range of health products including powders, spreads, ferments, milks, books, sustainable beauty products and handmade local jewellery.

4. Shelter Cafe

Nestled in the hustle and bustle of Seminyak. Shelter is a great little hideaway to escape the busy streets and relax for lunch or dinner. Surrounded by lush tropical greenery, Shelter offers dishes inspired by Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine that are packed full of flavour and spice. Share plates are the go here, so bring your loved ones along to enjoy an array of fresh seafoods and grounding whole foods.

If you’re after a more casual visit, you can order a delicious smoothie bowl from Nalu Bowls downstairs—they’ll even deliver it up to you at Shelter!


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