Daily rituals: why you need electrolytes in winter

Not just reserved for tropical climates, your daily electrolyte ritual is just as important as the weather cools down. While you may not sweat as much, or get those thirst signals that are crying out to be quenched ~ the body still craves deep mineral restoration & hydration. We explore why keeping up with your electrolytes in winter is essential to maintaining your energy & overall wellness.

Studies suggest that as the winter season sets in we can see many changes in our bodies due to the drop in temperature, difference in dietary habits, reduced outdoor activities and reduced time in the sun.

Electrolytes are our essential minerals that are crucial in maintaining key processes in the body, including nerve and muscle function, hydration, and pH balance. These minerals can support us during these wintery changes to lifestyle, and ensure we are functioning at our best through the cooler months.

Why do we need to maintain electrolyte intake in winter?

Exposure to indoor heating systems, and dry winter air:

Our body loses water at high rates when inside in heating, you may even feel this manifest as dry skin or an increase in thirst. The dry air can increase water loss, and hence strip our body of necessary salts & minerals. Adding electrolytes can help balance the sodium, and potassium, and chloride lost.

Limited sun exposure & vitamin D production:

We spend more time indoors and less time in the sun during winter. Sun is a natural source of vitamin D and extremely important in ensuring joint & bone health, as well as electrolyte balance. Taking your electrolytes can ensure balance and bone health are maintained for wellness throughout the cold months.

Increase in coffee intake:

There is nothing better than a hot cup of coffee when waking up in the morning during the colder months. That warming feeling can lead to a few extra cups a day (we can't blame you!). Coffee dehydrates the body and strips it of essential minerals and salts. Following up your morning coffee with a big glass of electrolytes can support hydration and mineral balance in the body while you enjoy the additional winter cuppa.

Colds & Flus:

Severe colds and flus can lead to vomiting, fever, and diarrhoea. These symptoms mean that your body is losing important minerals and salts. Replenish lost fluids and maintain energy while sick and during recovery with a regular glass of electrolyte water.

Indoor Exercise:

Cooler weather means that we spend more time indoors getting in our regular exercise. Gyms, and Pilates studios are amazing but can come with increased germs, heat, and body stress. Round out your session with a glass of electrolytes to ensure sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium levels are replenished for health that goes beyond your movement routine.

Best ways to get your electrolytes in winter:

Our favourite is the Marine Coconut (Hydration), which is a sugar-free way to replenish essential minerals.

Add lemon & salt to your morning glass of water. We love our Daily Lemon (Ritual) blend for when lemons aren't handy.

Add fresh vegetables/fruits, like cucumber and berries, to your water.