With a combination of wellness, movement, and travel ~ we felt a natural alignment with Holly of Body Holiday. Her vision for her online movement platform is to make global retreats more accessible, with each workout your transported to a dream location, and it's all available through your screen. We spoke to Holly about her 20-year long career in movement, her non-negotiable travel rituals, and her favourite holiday destinations (just add a side of Pilates to your next travel itinerary). 

Tell us, who are you & what does your every day look like? 

I am a devoted enthusiast of movement and its effect on the mind and body, having dedicated nearly two decades to teaching all over the world to many incredible clients. Chronic pain from growing up dancing led me to transition into Pilates, a method that not only alleviated my pain but became a cornerstone of my philosophy in helping others lead happier, healthier and more optimised lives. 

From there I've taught teacher training across Australia and internationally, consulted for leading studios and facilitated my own retreats, which lead me to create an online retreat platform called Body Holiday, making retreats more accessible. My goal is to transport and excite my members with workouts and wellness all around the world at the touch of a button. We currently have workouts and wellness from all corners of the globe like Mykonos, Bondi, Tuscany, Ibiza and Byron Bay and we only launched 6 months ago. So its been a busy year travelling and bringing the content to Body Holiday!

I’m also in the process of launching a continued education festival for teachers so things are a little crazy at the moment. While my daily routine is anything but routine, I find order in the chaos by adhering to four key principles which you will find me doing every day without fail. A balanced breakfast, mindfulness / mindful movement, gratitude practice and prioritising an early, screen-free bedtime, ensuring a restful night's sleep—essential components to help me make the most of each day.

We want to talk travel, where is your all-time favourite destination to holiday? 

I love talking travel! Selecting a single favourite is quite the challenge, so I'll share my top three! First on the list is Morocco, a destination that never fails to provide a mesmerising cultural shock and breathtaking sights. The Greek Islands hold a special place in my heart for their delectable cuisine, stunning beaches, and warm hospitality. Lastly, all of the Balearic Islands, with Ibiza for its exceptional food, Mallorca for its charm, and after a recent enchanting visit to Menorca, its beauty.

What are your non-negotiable travel rituals? 

My non-negotiable travel rituals include finding balance by relaxing with daily reading and something active, whether through a leisurely walk, or getting in a short workout. I always feel immesurably better after having both light movement and then resting my body while i stimulate my mind reading. Additionally, I make sure I always stick with my supplement rituals (magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, NAC, LAND lemon and LAND marine hydration - perfect post flights) no matter how tempting it is to forget them while away. Feeling like your glowing and healthy when away really helps me make the most of my holidays. 

3 things that are always in your carry-on? 

In my carry-on, I always have downloaded books and a phone charger/battery pack for stress-free travel. Secondly, I carry a hydrating face mist, its the best good for combatting the dry plane air and feeling alive after long travels! Finally, I always have my vitamins i spoke about above on me for hydration, immunity, and recovery, along with items like mouthwash and a toothbrush for a fresh feeling throughout the journey. That way if my luggage gets delayed or lost i have some great essentials too.

What does a typical holiday movement routine look like for you? 

My typical holiday movement revolves around walking outdoors, exploring the local area on foot and discovering cafes, sites and shops organically. Trying local fitness classes is another favourite; it's a fun way to connect with the global fitness scene. While classes can be hit or miss, I can always rely on Body Holiday for a reliable and effective workout, plus i can choose the length and focus that I feel like. My favourite is doing a Body Holiday on the balcony of wherever im staying. It's my favourite way to move, regardless of being at home or away.

Can you share with us your go-to 10-15min Pilates workout for travel? 

Yes! You can try this Body Holiday workout in the dreamy Amalfi Coast here

Where are you heading next?

New Zealand for Christmas! I can’t wait to enjoy the slow pace of life there during the break and be with family and loved ones. We are also dropping Bali, Morocco, Menorca and Palm Springs retreats and workouts at the beginning of the year on Body Holiday, so during each release I always immerse myself so much in it all that I feel like I'm in each destination! It will feel like an around the world trip from home!

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