Tell us, who you are & what does your everyday look like?

I'm Stevie Michaels, an artist and designer from Sydney. My days are quite varied at the moment. I'm currently working part time and looking after my 1 year old daughter Sienna. My day always starts with a morning coastal walk, then I try to get stuck into work, with my business I'm across all aspects so I could be working on a custom artwork project or designing / making my own pieces. I really love the flexibility to create and also be around with my little one.
You’ve got a beautiful distinct style, what inspires you to create your art?

I’m inspired by ancient symbolism, mixing designs steeped in heritage balanced with modern elements & rich colour. This all stems from my love of travel and the Mediterranean way of life. The ritual of ‘breaking bread’ and the joy of entertaining is at the heart of each design.

What are your daily rituals that help you in balancing being a mum, work, and life?

It's not always easy but prioritising some sort of movement always keeps me feeling balanced.

And the ‘Le Soleil’ painting on our silk sarong, where did you draw your inspiration from for this piece?

From the French coastline of St. Raphael, where the rocky cliffs meet the turquoise waves, 'Le Soleil' creates a timeless connection between land and sea.

You recently spent some time in Europe, where did you feel most at home?

Puglia was such a beautiful place to come and relax, spend long days in the sun eating delicious food. We felt most at home there. It's also a bonus that they love children.

Your 3 must-haves for a summer spent in Europe?
I think investing in some key accessories is always a good idea for when space is limited: A summer sarong of course! I wore mine from the beach to a bar in the south of France and it was perfect, it can also be worn in so many different ways! Some chic sunglasses and summer tote that can carry you across all destinations and elevate your capsule travel wardrobe.