We're advocates for a considered and balanced wellness routine no-matter the location, and indulging in a daily movement practice is our favourite way to prioritise ritual on the road. Even 15-min each day can set the tone for a vacation well-spent. 

We were thrilled to discover HOUSE OF SCULPT ~ vibrant online pilates destination co-founded by friends & classically trained ballet dancers, Sascha and Nicole. HOUSE OF SCULPT is a space where you can indulge in flow, and form your new forever ritual. A space that allows you to move, wherever you may be. Speaking to Sascha and Nicole, we discovered their non-negotiable travel rituals, suitcase essentials, and their must-do and effortless (cue quick and effective!) movement routine for any type of travel. 

Tell us, who are you and what do you do? 

We are dear friends and co-founders of the vibrant, fun and delicious Pilates platform that is HOUSE OF SCULPT. We love moving our bodies although we are strong believers that wellness shouldn’t be paired with so much restriction – the food is meant to be enjoyed and the wine is meant to be drunk! We have created a community that believes movement is indulgent, a privilege and should be seen that way. 

What are your non-negotiable travel rituals? 

A little bit of movement each day. Whether it is 5, 15 or 50 minutes movement always keeps us feeling energetic and confident. The physical benefits are undeniable although it’s all about those endorphins and staying mentally clear so we can consciously appreciate our travels and bring the best version of ourselves to the people around us. 

3 things that are always in your suitcase? 

You’ll always find a face mask, one too many pairs of shoes, and every book I never finished with an optimistic attitude. I am always thinking I will finish 5 books on a 2 day getaway. Hasn’t happened yet but the intent is hanging on.
















What does a typical holiday movement routine look like for you? 

I want to start slow with a feel good flowy warm up and then straight to a ‘get in, get out’ kind of class. I gravitate to a short abs class and if I’m doing a lot of walking a gentle MELT class to encourage some holiday ‘slow’. You can filter the classes on the platform by duration and the style of class which makes the decision process much easier! 

Can you share with us your go-to 10-15min Pilates workout for travel? 

Discover more movement, with HOUSE OF SCULPT hereUse the code FORYOUWITHLOVE for 50% OFF your first month of movement, when selecting the 'monthly membership' option.