Sarah Falugo has been named as Harper's BAZAAR top wedding photographer in the world, being a part of the prestigious list several times. Behind the lense she captures feeling with intention, and the weddings she's photographed are among the most beautiful - often destination weddings taking Sarah from her home in the US, to Europe, Mexico, Africa, and beyond. A mother, a creative, and global traveller, we chatted to Sarah about her favourite destination to work in, and her travel rituals that allow her to maintain her globe trotting schedule. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what do you do & where are you from? 
I’m a British photographer (I grew up on the coast in Cornwall). I now base myself mainly in the USA with my husband and daughter but spend a good amount of time in Europe … as much as possible to be honest. I mainly work with private clients for their destination weddings or private photoshoot needs. I also do a few editorials and commissions if it seems well aligned.

You travel a lot for work! Where is your favourite place in the world to work? 
Italy! La Dolce Vita!

Professionally, what do you love most about what you do? And what is the most challenging?
I still love to observe and capture people when they’re at their most free and have let down their guard. This can be a very specific challenge in the arena of a high pressure wedding, but there are always moments when people forget themselves and connect to something else. You just need to know where to look or how to facilitate. So, rather ironically, the thing I love to seek out in my subjects, can also be the most challenging thing to find. 

I often find people are most at peace when they are with nature and immersed in a place that still has a slower pace of life. 

Talk us through your approach to balance while travelling? What is a key principle you stand by? 
There’s an old saying that “the souls travels at the speed of a camel”. Wherever possible I try to allow myself to “land” - whether it be a rest day at my destination or a full day off when I return home. And I try to drink plenty of water too!

What is a morning ritual that you can not live without?
LAND essentials lemon power in nice cold water - protein - and of course coffee! I’m a mama too so my mornings aren’t exactly yoga and meditation these days.

Tell us, what are your plans for 2022? 
I’m back and forth between Europe and USA mainly. I’m working with so many great clients and building a fantastic team of associates. We just completed an incredible shoot on Necker Island in The British Virgin Islands. So fun.

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