Travelling, while one of the most rewarding & inspiring things we do, is often the time our wellness routines & rituals fall off-track. Our Organic Lemon Juice Powder was created with travel in-mind, making the daily routine of lemon water on rising as effortless as it is at home ~ designed to go with you, we love it on the plane, while camping or simply for a weekend away. Here are five ways to use, prepare & enjoy our Lemon Juice Powder for the next time you travel:

1. THE WEEKEND AWAY: The quick weekend away, often filled with vino, food & friends, is the perfect setting for a daily lemon water. Take our 100g Jar with you, or 250g Jar for the family, and sit on the bench in your Air BnB or Hotel Room for a daily reminder upon waking. All Air BnB's and hotels will have a kettle & glass to sip warm like tea or add the powder to sparkling water for a refreshing sugar-free take on lemonade. 

And if you're celebrating something special, we also love it in cocktails, you can explore of limoncello mojito here

2. ON THE LONG-HAUL: Plane travel dehydrates our skin, and our Organic Lemon Juice Powder is a hydration hero. The best way to enjoy it mid-flight, ask for a cup of hot water (like you would for tea) and add a teaspoon of the powder into the cup, stir & sip. It's incredible mid-flight or with your last meal of a long-haul, to refresh and focus you for arrival. 

Have a stopover? Take it to the lounge and enjoy over ice or with hot water. For ease, take our 100g Jar with you. 

3. CAMPING: Whether you use a camping stove or a JET BOIL, take our 100g Jar with you {because it's light!} and prepare like tea upon waking. Sip while enjoying nature. 

Camping somewhere hot? Our Lemon Juice Powder is essential for hydration. Prepare with cold water in the middle of the day, pre or post-hike for a refreshing zing of energy. Kids love it too - replace a sugary lemonade with a glass of our lemon juice powder & wait for them to ask for more. 

4. BEFORE OR AFTER MOVEMENT: We love a glass of our Organic Lemon Juice Powder prior to, or after Pilates, Yoga and/or Gym. The easiest way to prepare on the go, is to keep a 100g Jar in your gym bag & switch your drink bottle to one with a cup as a lid (we love the MIZU D10 Bottle). Add a teaspoon of lemon powder, pour in cold water, and enjoy the feeling. 

5. WORK TRIPS: Essential for focus, a lemon water before a big meeting is our productivity hero. Keep the 100g Jar in your work bag, and prepare in the office kitchen, your hotel room or alongside your coffee at the local coffee shop (because balance).